Once Upon A Time in Handstanding Land...

Once Upon A Time in a Student flat far far away from London or New York or San Francisco or anywhere particularly glamorous, lived a yoga teacher who desperately desperately wanted to learn to handstand.

What was she to do? She had tried reading about handstands, even writing about handstands, in fact she had tried almost everything apart from actually getting her butt to an actual handstand class. 

Luckily, her friend Gabby was a handstand teacher and for Christmas was going to give her handstanding. For one glorious hour a week, the Inversion Fairy was going to give The Yoga Teacher a handstand lesson. 

Like all gifts given by magical creatures however, there was a catch. 

It turns out you can't give the gift of handstanding for Christmas. You can however give the gift of shoulder mobility exercises. 

Which is what Gabby and I just did and, it turns out, they are really REALLY difficult.

My shoulders tell the story of hundreds of hours typing, most likely slouching, in front of my laptop. What do your shoulders say about you hmmm?

You can find your shoulder's range of motion by sitting in a chair sit on the wall. Hold a yoga strap in your arms out in front of you. Keep your lower back glued to the wall and your ribs in. Question: how far can you get your arms over your head? My answer: not very far at all without compensating by losing my core engagement. We'll post a pic and further explanation in the next week around this topic - watch this space and start stretching! 

ash x

Ash Bond