The Handstanding Yogi: The Hows, Whys & WTFs of Being Upside Down

The Handstanding Yogi: The Hows, Whys & WTFs of Being Upside Down


This book is a hilarious exploration into handstands: what they are, how to do them and even why you'd want to.

Beautifully illustrated with almost a hundred hand-drawn pictures this is a fun, informative and accessible journey into the upside down.

“So, what’s with all the handstands?”

“How long does it take to learn to handstand?”

“Why exactly are handstands so popular?”

“What are the benefits of learning to handstand?”

We’ve seen them on our newsfeeds, in studios and in magazines but how do we actually get upside down?

The Handstanding Yogi is an illustrated travel companion on your journey to a safe and successful inversion practice. It is fun, frustrating, unashamedly geeky and a little bit sweary. Much like handstands themselves.


“This book is for everyone that dreams. It reminds us that success can be the revelations and mindfulness we experience working towards those dreams. It says dream, dream big and do the work. So, when savasana comes, someone else can pick up where we left off.” – Les Leventhal, Yoga Teacher

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