Based in Bristol UK, Gabby and Ash are a 'dynamic' teaching duo that share their time fairly evenly between devouring digestive biscuits and teaching intensive workshops and retreats. Best known for their irreverent and innovative approach to the upside down, this bestie team invite students to dig deep into all of the grizzly bits of anatomy - warts and all; honouring the discipline required by acrobatic skill while celebrating where each student is in their bodies on each given day. They also wrote a book which I hear is better than the Da Vinci Code. 


After spending a number of years as a secondary school teacher and using Yoga as a tool to help keep stress levels low in both herself and in her students, Ash turned to yoga as a full time gig. This gig has taken her around the world, teaching, travelling and generally getting into trouble; Malaysia, China, Bali, Thailand and on the Freedom through Movement project in Palestine.

As well as being the writer/yogi half of HandstandYogi, Ash is also largely credited with bringing Acroyoga to Bristol via Flying Monkey Yoga and is a currently working with future teachers on the celebrated Yoga Like Water training courses in Devon and London. 



Handstander Gabrielle Parker and Yogi Ash Bond created HandstandYogi as the answer to two questions: Gabby’s - ‘why are handstands suddenly so popular?’ and Ash’s - ‘why are so many yogis becoming injured in inversions?’.

Stepping outside their familiar disciplines offered up a world of answers - and new questions - many of which they discussed while haunting Bristol cafes on their search for the perfect avocado on toast combo.

These conversations eventually became a book (The Handstanding Yogi: The Hows, Whys and WTFs of Being Upside Down) and were woven into their unique fusion workshops designed to help students safely navigate the often confusing world of the upside down and all of the frustrations, challenges and joy that they meet on the way [Think handstand anatomy geekery meets free-diving pranayama meets yogic history and meditation. It’s weird, but it works.]

Remarkably down to earth for an inversion teaching team, Gabby and Ash are people who take what they do very seriously…. but not themselves, and certainly not each other.



A National Circus School Paris (ENACR) graduate, globe-trotting acro flyer, sports therapist, and handstand coach, Gabrielle Parker balances her time on her hands between international performance and running specialist workshops and classes for those wanting to kick-start or refine their training all over the UK. 

As well as being the the business/handstander half of HandstandYogi, Gabby is a much-loved (and partly feared) stalwart of the Bristol acro teaching team. Gabby is also the proud founder of Bristol Handstands.



"The most essential and comprehensive guide to Handstanding out there" — Amazon Reviewer

"A fun, unashamedly geeky yoga companion "
The Bristol Magazine

"Innovative & badass" - Lululemon

"This is book for everyone who dreams" - Les Leventhal

"I also massively enjoyed the honesty, good humous, realism & mutual respect you have for each others craft"
Cambridge Circus

"Gabby explains the physiology behind each exercise, adapting the exercise to suit your personal ability and enabling you to progress while working safely" - Naomi